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45 Castro Street
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San Francisco, CA 94114

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About San Francisco

If you are in need of Podiatrist services in San Francisco, CA, Mark Co, DPM is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services, including Plantar Fasciitis, Orthotics, Ingrown Toenails, and Plantar Fasciitis to our patients with care and expertise. Mark Co, DPM has served many happy patients of the San Francisco community. We hope to see you in our office soon!


San Francisco is located in San Francisco County, near the cities of Daly City, CA and Broadmoor, CA. The city is home to a variety of schools, including Lowell High, and colleges such as College Of Alameda and Skyline College. Patients of our practice can enjoy local attractions and activities in San Francisco such as Cable Cars, Alcatraz Island, and Castro Theatre. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at one of San Francisco's many lively restaurants, including Tartine Manufactory or Swan Oyster Depot.


See What Our Patients Say About This Location:

By the time I arrived at their office, I’d driven around  in a big loop thinking I knew where I was going and then there was no parking.I was snappish to the staff and to their credit, they were so kind to me over the phone and in person. I hobbled in 10 minutes’ late and they took me immediately.Dr. Co expressed surprise I’d been walking around for four months with glass in the ball of my foot (broken crockery from someone’s early morning overflowing cereal bowl).I told him it was the discomfort of standing on that foot, washing dishes and pots and pans, that made me overcome my fear and come in.I was certain it was going to hurt digging out glass that’d been calloused over but no: Dr. Co didn’t even use a topical agent and in three minutes, I was pain free.  I highly recommend this practice; it’s good to know an excellent podiatrist whose office is close to home.

Jennifer O

April 18, 2020


The best podiatrist in San Francisco.  I broke my ankle two years ago and two days ago to this day. Upon fracturing my right fibula, i went to the urgent care who suggested i see a podiatrist to determine if i needed surgery or not. All the podiatrists i called we’re busy and could not meet me for a week or two. Mark was able to meet in 3 days.Mark shared that my ankle fracture was slightly displaced and i could either go the non-surgery route with a caste or i could get surgery. I opted for no surgery. My parents advised that i should get a second opinion. Mark advised that a young surgeon is trained to perform surgery and that doctors have to carefully asses each injury before suggesting the course of action. I went to a orthopedic surgeon who advised i should have not one but two surgeries within 2 minutes of seeing my x rays.. I said no, I’ll go back to mark co. The orthopedic surgeon wouldn’t even put a cast on my ankle and said i was going the wrong thing. I came back to Mark sharing about my experience and that the the surgeon wouldn’t put me in a cast. He put me in a cast and i got x rays every two weeks. After 6 weeks i was in a walking boot, 8 weeks i was walking and at 12 weeks i was skateboarding again (which is how i broke my ankle). In conclusion, i am 100% healed up with no implications. Mark was an incredible doctor to work with and see regularly. I’m confident that i may have different circumstances if i had gone through with surgery. I wish i saw reviews like these before going to mark, but i trusted him and now want to pay it forward. If you see this Mark, thank you!!!!!

Kinsey K

April 06, 2020


First appt with DR Mark Co today. He showed care and compassion and spent considerable time with me, made suggestions going forward for treatment to relieve chronic pain and swelling for metatarsalgia. Suffering from morton's neuromas on both feet for a decade, had steroid injections and other conservative treatments over the years. Had one morton's neuromas surgically excised by a foot and ankle surgeon in San Francisco a year ago. Unfortunately I continue to have significant swelling and pain in the ball of my foot causing difficulty with activities of daily living. Dr Co discussed biomechanics, the best types of shoes and orthotics and padding etc in an attempt to decrease pain and swelling. Happy that Dr Co is committed in assisting me in resolving this chronic condition.

Leslie E

February 15, 2017


Having been treated by Dr. Co for over two years, I found his original evaluation and ongoing management to be very professional, courteous and most of all personable. The offices are conveniently accessible by public transportation as well as having parking for cars, (although the garage fees were slightly high by my standards). In addition, the office is very clean and the staff has always been polite and respectful. I would highly recommend him for any foot related issues.

david b

March 27, 2016


I was referred to this office by my primary care doctor. I had my choice of 3 doctors in this office. After reading the Yelp reviews, I choose Dr. Co. All the reviews about him were spot on. He is quite friendly, personable, and easy to talk to and understand. He examined my toe, took xrays, explained what the problem was, my options, and I was on my way. I felt good knowing what was wrong and what my options are to take care of it. Dr. Co's friendly demeanor made me a believer and I will be returning for anything foot related. His office staff was just as friendly as he was. Easy location and parking for those of us that drive in (I drive in from Pacifica).


February 05, 2013

Mark Co, DPM

Podiatrist located in Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, CA

Mark Co, D.P.M., is a skilled, trusted podiatrist offering state-of-the-art, patient-centered care for patients throughout the San Francisco, CA region. At his practice in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood, Dr. Co provides compassionate, advanced care based on the unique needs of each patient, including treatments for bunions, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, warts, plantar fasciitis and other causes of foot pain. In addition, he offers custom orthotics for the treatment and prevention of foot and ankle issues. He's a leading sports medicine provider for athletes of all levels and treats patients of all ages. The practice is equipped with laser technology and an on-site X-ray facility for fast, accurate, cutting-edge care.

As a top-ranked podiatrist, Dr. Co understands the critical role the foot and ankle play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He's committed to providing patients with care based not only on their symptoms, but also taking into account their anatomy, foot shape, gait pattern, body mechanics, lifestyle, and other factors, helping each patient relieve pain and other symptoms while promoting better overall health and wellness. Deeply dedicated to patient education, Dr. Co helps his patients understand their underlying conditions as well as their treatment options so they can be active participants in their care and their recovery following injuries and diseases.

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