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Sports Medicine Specialist

Mark Co, DPM -  - Podiatrist

Mark Co, DPM

Podiatrist located in Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, CA

Sports medicine is focused on the unique medical needs of athletes of all levels – from professionals to weekend warriors and everything in between. Dr. Co is a leading sports medicine specialist in San Francisco, CA, offering state-of-the-art care for patients at his Duboce Triangle practice.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What is sports medicine?

Being physically active isn't just fun – it's also vitally important for maintaining good health at every age. When an injury or disease interferes with the ability to remain active, it can take a big toll on a person's health as well as their overall quality of life. Sports medicine is focused on treating athletes' injuries – both those occurring as a result of the sport and those that are caused by non-sport activities and diseases. Sports medicine doctors are trained in the special needs of athletes of all levels, from professionals to students to weekend warriors, and they're skilled at developing treatment plans that help athletes get back to their activities as quickly as possible. Plus, they can provide guidance on how to perform better and how to avoid future injuries.

What kinds of sports injuries can affect the feet and ankles?

The feet and ankles are used in just about every sport, including team and individual sports. Injuries from repetitive impacts, overuse, and strain, twisting, jumping, and impacts with other players or equipment are all common causes of sports injuries ranging from fractures, sprains and strains to soft tissue injuries, heel spurs and nerve damage. People who have degenerative diseases like arthritis or circulation issues or nerve-related problems may be more prone to some types of injuries, especially if their balance is affected. Healing may also be delayed in people with circulatory problems, including people who have diabetes.

How are sports injuries diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis begins with a physical examination including passive and active exercises to help pinpoint the cause of pain or other symptoms. Diagnostic imaging may be used as well, especially when fractures or other complex issues are suspected. Once the injury or disease has been diagnosed, treatment options can include casting or splinting, injections to relieve pain and inflammation, custom orthotics (yes, they can be made to fit athletic shoes) to support the foot and ankle and relieve uneven pressures, physical therapy, and in some cases, surgery. At our practice, we understand every athlete is different, and our treatment plans are customized for each patient for optimal results.

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